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300mm Width Chrome Towel Radiators Curved

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A Multi-Functional Decision for Your Bathroom

With the development of technologies for home, you can finish your house or apartment with the most modern and convenient equipment meant for your utter comfort. Among such appliances there are towel rails covered with chrome.

They alone can replace several items of your bathroom furniture. For example, a curved chrome towel radiator can be a place to dry wet towels or dressing gowns you put on after a bath or a shower. This is, namely, its direct purpose, but you can take advantage of its every feature.

What to Use Them for?

For instance, your curved towel rails are being heated – why not to hang your dressing gown on them when you are going to have a bath? Then after you come out of the warm water, you can put on a warm cloth and feel very comfortable even in winter, when it feels so cold and unpleasant.

The warm curved chrome towel radiator can be as well a good exchange to a common one, and this way free some space in your bathroom, which is very important, if it is quite small. Especially for the small bathrooms you can have smaller models: 300 mm wide chrome towel rails will suit the smallest room. Even such tiny models can give enough warmth to heat a small bathroom, or, at least, to add to the main heating element.

A Decorative Element

Being covered with chrome and curved, these towel radiators look amazingly nice in any bathroom interior and they alone can be a great decoration to the inner look of the room. Regardless of their compact size, the curved towel radiators can be used as a place to store spare towels or bathroom dressing gowns, again, economizing the space. When installing them, you’ll have no troubles, the only thing you need to plug them is a waterproof outlet.