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450mm Width Chrome Towel Radiators Curved

Warm Towels Near at Hand in Your Bathroom and Kitchen

Towel radiators, these great solutions for small, too wet or too cold bathrooms can be of different types. However, it is great that they have a size range, which allows you to choose the very thing you need for your particular bathroom. The 450mm wide curved chrome towel rails are a good thing for the bathroom, which is neither large nor tiny, and they do not need much space. Mounting them to the wall, you will not have to search a place, where to join it to the water supply, as long as they need to be plugged to the electricity. That is, you are free to choose any place in your bathroom in order to hang there such a useful thing.

The Simple Installation

You will need to fix just two screws, and the towel rails can be fixed onto the wall. A waterproof socket to get plugged is the only requirement for this very type of towel radiators. In spite of their compact dimensions, the 450mm wide curved towel radiators give enough warmth. This energy will be quite sufficient for both drying your wet towels and warming and drying the air in the bathroom and making you feel comfortable after your bath, when your clothes will feel warm and pleasant to touch.

Find It Some Place on Your Walls

Choosing a curved towel radiator covered with chrome, you choose a great decoration, which will give your bathroom a hint of luxury and elegance with its shiny look. Besides that, no one forces you to follow the standard pattern, and you are free to place one of such chrome curved towel rails in your kitchen. Warm towels – and dry towels – are always good, and some additional heating in winter and an additional place for storing towels, dressing gowns or other clothes is always needed in small bathrooms and kitchens.

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