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1100mm Wide Chrome Towel Rails

1100mm Wide Towel Rails

When designing your dream bathroom, you should never neglect to keep in mind that accessories can make or break the overall functionality and beauty of its design. You should also ask yourself a few critical questions. Aside from the usual, what do you want your bathroom to function as? Do you want it to be your very own warm and private retreat where you can lie in a tub of warm scented water after battling with the many things on your plate all day? Do you wish to step out of the shower and be greeted with deliciously warm and dry towels? These are just some of the things you should be thinking of before setting out to create the perfect bathroom for your house.

One of the accessories that people often forget to consider is a heated towel rail. Is there anything in the world that is better than being able to dry yourself off and snuggle with a warm and luscious towel? It is like being in the arms of a loved one who is whispering words of comfort into your ear. A heated towel rail is more than just a bathroom accessory; it is a thing of beauty that will make each day of your life infinitely more enjoyable.

The Specifics on Heated Towel Rails

Okay, so they aren’t just accessories, but what are they truly for? Although they appear to resemble the typical towel rack, with two upright bars holding up a number of rails mounted in between them, heated towel rails go beyond the function of holding towels. Apart from being a towel holder, a heated towel rail is also designed to warm and dry a towel, robe, or any other fabric that has been placed on top of it.

If you’re worried about the costs of maintaining a heated towel rack, you shouldn’t be. The amount of electricity involved in the use of such a device is just about equal to what is involved in using a typical light bulb. They are safe, energy efficient, and even have switches for you to turn them on and off as you wish. In most cases, these electric devices only need an hour to be able to reach the optimum temperature in the rails and extend that heat to the fabrics that have been draped on the rack. The oil-powered devices, on the other hand, may require several more hours for them to accomplish the feat.

How to Pick the Perfect Model for Your Bathroom

When it comes to picking the perfect model to meet your needs and suit the dÈcor of your bathroom, you won’t have any trouble. There are scores of products in the market, and they are available in a huge assortment of finishes like nickel and bronze. They also come in an elegant and classy chrome finish.

There are also numerous designs of heated towel rails for you to pick from. They may come in freestanding forms that are generally augmented by warming panels in order to enhance heat retention. An electrical outlet to be plugged into is all you will need for this type of unit to do its job. Aside from this type of heaters, 1100mm wide heated towel rails may also come in units that need to be installed or mounted against a wall. The larger models, in general, require fastening not only to the wall but also the floor, with the lower part of the contraption secured to the floor and the upper part attached to the wall. This way, the towel rails can support heftier and bulkier items, particularly those that have gotten heavier with water.

If you feel that your bathroom is lacking in the way of functionality and form, you may find the answer to your problems with 1100mm wide heated towel rails.

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