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250mm Wide Towel Radiators

250mm Wide Towel Radiators 

Small towel rails are the newest development in the towel radiator industry. And they are making quite an impact!

With small and narrow rails have many positive attributes that have contributed to their success. The small size of these units is one of the most important attributes of towel radiators. Radiators with small and narrow rails occupy less space and can be fitted into a bathroom of any size without becoming an inconvenience.

Work Procedure

Small towel rail use unique warming technology with following work procedures

Heats a room using the same basic technology that larger models utilize. The basic principles of convection and radiation allow radiators to warm air throughout the room, exchanging cold air for air that is warm and comfortable.

These models are intended to have towels draped across the rails to keep them warm and comfortable as well. If you plan to use a radiator to warm your bathroom in addition to warming your towels, the bottom rails must be kept clean. This will allow the radiator to take in cold air throughout the room, maintaining the convection cycle necessary to move warm air throughout the space.

It utilize high quality features and warming technology.

The smallest towel rails available in the market are about 250 x 600 mm in size. These have 11 rails placed in in rows of three, four and four from top to bottom with two gaps. In spite of their small size, these radiators are capable of producing a large amount of heat output, capable of keeping any bathroom warm, but carefully set up to protect your towels from becoming scorched. 

It works just like any other type of towel radiator but their small size enables them to fit in any size bathroom. It has been designed to ensure maximum energy efficiency, allowing you to get the same warming technology for less money.


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