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300mm Width Chrome Towel Radiators

Additional Heating in Your Bathroom

A bathroom is a place where it is always wet, that is why the items made of fabric, such as towels may experience difficulties with getting dry quickly. The same refers to bathroom gowns, which are often put on a wet body and then left in a bathroom to dry. Therefore a towel radiator, or, as it is also called, towel rail is a must for any small and wet bathroom.

The Fitting Size

When choosing such things, it is necessary to bear in mind certain facts, that is, the size of your bathroom and the walls, which are empty or which can be cleared for mounting the chrome towel radiator. If your bathroom is very small, then a 300 mm width chrome towel radiator is a perfect choice for you. It is able to suit even the smallest free piece of a wall – being only a little wider than a paper sheet. On the other hand, such a chrome towel rail can give enough heat to dry your towels, bathroom gowns and even the air in the room. It is very important, too, if there is not enough ventilation. The wet air in the bathroom can lead to the appearance of fungus, which is very dangerous for health.

The Electrical Towel Rails

In this case a chrome towel radiator of 300mm width can be of great help. They are powered with electricity and can also be an additional source of heating during cold seasons, especially if the heating of the whole flat or house seems not enough. Electrical towel radiators with 300 mm width are independent of the water supply, and thus can be mounted on any wall you choose, which has an electrical socket, protected against the water. Besides that, a certain advantage of the chrome towel rail is in the fact that you can turn it on any time you want or need.

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