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350mm Wide Towel Radiator

A Good Drying Solution for a Small Bathroom

Don’t know how to make your towels get dry faster? This is a widely-spread problem. Wet towels and other fabric in a bathroom is no way good, as it only multiplies the excessive dampness, which is already there in the bathroom, and this, in its turn, leads to many unpleasant things beginning with the damaged interior of the bathroom and ending with some fungus on the walls.

What Can Heat You a Little

There is a solution – to give the room additional heating. This can be done with the help of some towel radiators, which heat the air and dry the wet cloth. Hanging towels onto some pretty chrome towel rails is far more esthetic than stretching ropes under the ceiling.

The towel radiators can be of various sizes. Depending on the size of your bathroom it is necessary to choose the towel rails. There are different models varying in size from the 300mm up to a meter in width. If your bathroom is quite small, then it would be better to choose a chrome towel radiator of 350 mm width. This is not too much and not too little, as it can exactly hold a towel of a medium size and at the same time is suitable for a small patch on the wall where you will be able to place it, having even an extremely small bathroom. Being powered with electricity, the 350mm wide towel radiator can be mounted to any wall, as there is no necessity to join it to the water pipes.

So, the towel rails are a great thing, if you need to add some extra heating to your bathroom – it works well for the small rooms, - if you need a place to dry your towels or wet dressing gowns, and if there is an obvious necessity to make the air in your bathroom a little bit dryer.

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