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400mm Width Chrome Towel Radiators

Drying the Bathroom Stuff and the Room Itself

If you have decided to purchase a towel radiator for your bathroom, this is a great decision. Such a thing in the room where it is always wet can be a great solution to the problem of fungus, if your already have this disaster, or to prevent its appearance, in case you have not yet faced it.

Small Rails for Small Rooms

The 400mm wide chrome towel radiators are perfect for bathrooms, which are not too big and not too small, as they do not require much space and at the same time have enough place for your towels or dressing gowns. The distance, on which the towel rails are fixed to the walls, can be adjusted as you like it. That is, the towel rails are created in the way, which gives you the utter comfort of using them.

As long as the chrome towel radiator with 400mm width is supplied with electricity, there is no need to search for a place for it next to the water pipes in your bathroom. Besides that, there is a certain advantage of the chrome towel rails of this kind: they can be turned on or off in compliance with your need or desire.

Some Extra Heating

Along with drying towels and wet dressing gowns, the towel radiator can be an extra source of heating when you feel that the general one is not enough. The temperature of the electrically powered towel radiator is not higher than 60 degrees Celsius, that is, it produces enough warmth to heat and dry the air around it, to help you dry the towels and at the same time it is not too hot and can be touched with hands without being afraid of scalding.

The 400mm chrome towel rails are a great thing for the small bathrooms – with both the advantages of its functionality and the dimensions, which will suit into any small room.

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