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500mm Width Chrome Towel Radiators

A Thing That Can Warm You Up

A bathroom equipped with a towel radiator will always be dry and comfortable. Its walls will never know what the falling tiles are and what fungus and mould are. Together with that, it is far more pleasant in winter to step out into a warm and comfortable bathroom than feel cold and dampness coming from all sides. If your bathroom is quite small and you notice some excessive dampness in it, you can use a simple and elegant solution to it: the 500mm wide chrome towel radiators are waiting for you to come and purchase one.

The Diversity of Options

The towel radiators for small bathrooms have become extremely popular, namely, due to their compact dimensions and the comfort of usage. Such chrome towel rails can be of various types. That is, some of them can be heated by the hot water coming from the pipe, which supplies the taps, and some can be electrically powered, filled with a mineral oil or having a cord in its empty rails. Such flat chrome towel radiators of 500 mm wide as the latter of the mentioned can be fixed to any wall, without being tied to the water supply. The only necessary thing required from the chosen wall is enough space for fixing it and an electrical socket, which is resistant to drops of water. Owing to their lovely, simple and self-sufficient chromed look, these towel radiators can easily fit into any design of the bathroom.

The towel rails of this type are very functional, as they simultaneously dry the towels or other wet cloth and the air in the bathroom. Due to the electrical heating, they are always of the same temperature, and it is possible to touch them with bare hands: they are hot enough to dry but not too much, and you will not get scalded.

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