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600mm Width Chrome Towel Radiators

A Good Heating Idea for a Bathroom

The times, when people used to stretch ropes across the bathrooms to dry the towels and whatever else can be wet in the constantly damp room, are long gone, and in order to dry the bathroom utensils people have invented a compact and elegant construction, which is known as the towel rails.

This is a thing, which resembles a ladder made of the chromed pipes, joined together and either filled with the hot water from the pipe, which sustains the tap, or with some mineral oil, being heated by a special heating element, or, finally, having an electrical cord running inside, which provides the warmth.

A Great Idea for Small Bathrooms

The chrome towel radiators with 600mm wide are a great solution for those, who have wet and probably cold bathrooms. Such a size is perfect for the medium bathrooms, for smaller ones have not enough space on their walls to contain the given size, and for those bigger rooms there are wider ones, which would look and serve better.

These towel radiators can be either wall-mounted or standing, therefore they have special feet. The distance to the wall, which they are fixed or leaned onto, can be different, that is, regulated in compliance with your desire. You don’t need to care of the place where to find the access to the pipes with the hot water: it is not needed with an electrical towel radiator. Even being twice as wide as the smallest available radiators of this kind, the 600mm wide chrome towel radiators do not occupy a lot of space, though spreads the aura of the comfort and warmth. It is very important and pleasant in winter when a bathroom may seem cold and unfriendly, and the towel rails can also serve as an extra source of heating.

Many functions and the easiness of usage make the towel rails one of the bathroom’s favourites.

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