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750mm Width Chrome Towel Radiators

A Multi-Purpose Thing for Your Bathroom

If your bathroom is neither big nor small, but definitely needs additional heating in order to avoid the excessive dampness, which is regular for a room with such big amounts of water, the thing you need is one of those 750mm Wide Chrome Towel Radiators, which are mounted to the walls and can be used for several purposes.

Why to Use the Towel Rails

First of all, they heat the air and make it dry, which helps you fight fungus and mould, which can appear in the cleanest bathroom, but for the only reason of too much moisture. Besides that, too damp bathrooms can quickly lose their attractive appearance, because in some cases tiles and paint can get damaged by water and the damp air.

As soon as the heat given by the chrome towel rails of 750mm wide is enough to dry towels or other cloth, it may be enough to add to the heating of the bathroom, in case the ordinary one seems too poor. It is especially pleasant in winter, when even the warmed air seems too cold.

And finally, the main reason to use the chrome towel radiators is quite banal – to dry towels or other things, which may get wet in your bathroom. Heated by the electricity, such towel rails can be turned on or off as you wish, and when turned off, they may be used as a convenient hanger for anything that can hang: for the same towels, dressing gowns or the clothes you take off when go to have a bath and so on. When turned on, they never get heated too much, and you can freely touch them not being afraid of getting scalded. Independent of the water supply, they can be hanged on any wall you choose, and you don’t have to ruin the interior. In any case, with their chromed design they are able to be a good part of any interior.

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