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800mm Width Chrome Towel Radiators

Chrome Towel Radiators for Big Bathrooms

If you have a quite big bathroom, then you need a big towel rail, which will work to the fullest for your benefit. That is, a towel radiator of any size, matching the dimensions of the room, is not only a thing that is being placed onto the wall and has wet towels onto it. This is as well an appliance, which helps to keep the air in the room dry and this way protects it against growing mould and getting damaged by the abnormal dampness and in some cases cold.

A Good Service, Compact Sizes

So, for your big bathroom, the 800mm wide chrome towel radiator is the best solution ever, for this is compact in spite of its quite big dimensions. The distance to the wall can be regulated as you like it, the temperature inside the pipes of your towel rails is always constant, and you can be sure that they execute their duties effectively. The heat inside is exactly enough to keep the towels dry and sustain the necessary but not excessive dampness of the air in the room. You can touch them without any fear to get scalded, as long as the temperature is absolutely normal.

There are electrically sustained and water towel radiators. That is, the first type can be placed anywhere and heated from the inside with the help of the electricity, and the second one needs access to the pipes. Installing a chrome towel radiator of 800mm wide, which is powered by the electricity, you will not need to look for a good place on the wall that has an access to the tap with the hot water. You need only a socket, which is protected against the occasional drops of water.

With these chrome towel rails you have your bathroom will always be comfortable and warm, even in winter and even when the central heating seems not enough.

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