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900mm Width Chrome Towel Radiators

Why to Keep the Bathroom Dry?

It is important to keep your bathroom always dry and clean in order to avoid different fungus and mould, which appear due to the excessive dampness. Besides that, it can ruin the whole appearance of the room: falling tiles, peeling off paint and something like this. The ordinary heating, which is always present in each room including the bathroom, seems to be not enough in this case. The 900mm wide chrome towel radiators can be your support.

Advantages of the 900mm Towel Rails

However, as it is visible from the size, such great towel rails will not be suitable for small rooms. They need space and an empty wall. Due to the construction of the radiator, it does not need the access to the water, and it is being heated not by it but by the electricity. This means that the only thing you need to use the towel rails is the waterproof electrical socket and the place on the wall of the matching size. Being heated by the electricity, the towel rails keep the same temperature, and are positively able to cope with several tasks: heating of the room, drying towels and drying the air with its warmth.

The universal and all-matching design of the flat towel radiator wide 900mm width is so simple and finished that it suits any interior easily. If you are sure that your bathroom is able to contain the towel rails with 800mm width, then don’t delay and get this helper in making your house even more comfortable. It is possible to regulate manually the distance between the rails and the wall, and even being so wide, this towel radiator is quite compact. Made of steel, it is extremely durable, and it is sure to look like new even after years of service.

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