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How to Calculate a Needed Capability of a Radiator

There are many types of radiators that are available at the market. They are different mainly due to materials they are made of. For example, aluminum and cast iron devices are the cheapest ones, while steel and stainless steel radiators belong to the highest class. You can see and examine them all in special shops or find information about them on the Internet. Still, there are technical parameters that should influence your choice first of all. That is, if a radiator will not suit your rooms for some reason, you will hardly appreciate your purchase. In order to save money, time and efforts, you should give attention to technical characteristics of many different radiators that can be seen on the web and column radiators 3 sections we can offer.

The Calculation

Capability of radiators is one of their main parameters. It should be one of key criteria you use to choose a suitable device for your needs. You should not necessarily choose a radiator that matches certain sizes. Though there is a tradition to install heating devices beside windows, you can use any free space you have in your rooms: effective radiators will not lose in performance due to their location. What you really need to match is the space you need to heat and the power a radiator can provide. Calculations are simple: 1 kilowatt of energy is enough to effectively heat 10 square meters of space. If your room has one window and two outer walls, capability of your radiator should be increased by 20%. If there are two windows and two outer walls, the increase should make about 30%. If windows overlook north or north-east, initial output should be increased by 10%. Designing options need the same: installing a radiator in a niche, add 5%; screening it with panels, add 5% more.

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