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Dual Fuel Heated Towel Rails

Powering Your Towel Radiators in the Dual Fuel Way

Having towel rails in your bathroom is already a good decision, but there is a way to improve the thing you possess. In such a wet place as a bathroom a source of additional heating is just necessary, so, in summer, when the central heating is over, you need to use your towel radiators, which are able to dry your towels and to make the air in your bathroom drier and warmer as well. In the majority of cases, such items are being powered with the central heating, as all other radiators in a dwelling. It is good for winters, but the necessity of towel rails may be no less acute in summer.

What Dual Fuel Is

In order to be able to turn on your towel rails when the heating is off, you need to convert the radiator you’ve got into a dual fuel one. That is, the device will be powered with both the central heating of your dwelling and the electricity. Therefore you will need to make several slightest changes in the construction of your towel rails. You will be able to make them with the help of the special dual fuel kit, containing only three items: one thermostatic valve and one T piece finished in chrome to suit your chrome towel radiators perfectly well and one heating element with the capability of 300 watt, made of the stainless steel.

The Necessary Precautions

This kit will allow you to make the necessary transformations, and you will not need to buy any additional tools. However, it is strongly recommended that all the electricity connections were done or at least checked by a professional electrician, so you will be sure about your safety. It is necessary to have the element connected through a fused spur all the time, and it is to be installed only at the bottom of the towel radiator. This is a warranty of the absolute safety of usage of the radiator and your satisfaction.

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