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Electric Element for Towel Radiator

A Way to Warm Up Your Radiator

If you have got quite wide towel rails, this may be the exact thing you are looking for. We are speaking of the electric element, which may help you improve the quality of heating your towel radiator provides you with.

The matter is that the towel rails powered by the water from the central heating of your dwelling can sometimes be not warm enough to execute their task really well. That is, the water in the radiators of the central heating can be hot enough to warm up your rooms and make them a little less cold in winter, but for the towel rails it can be too little. The main task of the towel rails is to dry towels and the air in your bathroom and warm you when you come out of the shower of after having a hot bath in winter.

Installation of the Electric Element

In order to increase the amount of warmth given off by the towel rails in your home, you can have this electric element installed near the lower free end of the radiator you have. This element will warm up the water filling the towel radiator in your bathroom, the water will circulate better and give off energy to the surface of the rails and thus it will provide you with additional heating, which is important for a bathroom. This heating will be enough for both drying towels and warming up and drying the damp and cool air in your bathroom.

Your Safety

You don’t have to worry, for this electric element is compliment to all the respective regulations for dwellings, the only thing is to have it installed by a qualified electrician and this way save yourself from the possible troubles with electricity. Besides that, such a proper installation will save your dwelling from a fire risk.

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