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Electric Towel Radiator Timer Switch

How a Timer Can Improve Performance of Your Radiator

As soon as towel radiators are heating devices (in site of their small size and rather low output), they need to be regulated in a certain way. Heating of rooms is a great thing when it is needed. For example, towel radiators are installed in bathrooms that are not properly ventilated and collect too much moisture. These devices are able to dry the air and towels, creating a good pleasant microclimate without excessive moisture. At the same time, their performance can be needed only in separate cases, so there is no need to have a device turned through days and nights. Besides that, in summer towels need only a little additional heating to get dry quickly, because the air is warm and dry by itself.

The Use of a Timer and Practical Advantages

All these needs can be satisfied by a thermostat that regulates the temperature of hear carriers, circulating in pipes. This device knows better when to add some heat and when to reduce it, in accordance to a programmed scheme. Still, it is not able to turn the device on or off. In order to have this function, you can have an electric towel radiator timer switch we offer especially for your towel radiators.

Let’s try to define the practical usage of these timers. As any timer, it works for turning on and off devices you need or do not need at a certain moment of time. For example, when you turn on a timer of your air conditioning device, it means that you want it to turn on some time before you return home. The same is with towel rails. For example, you are returning home after a hard working day. There has been nobody home through the whole day. So, you turn on a timer, and it switches your radiator on before you come home. You have warm bath towels and a dressing gown right after you have a shower.

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