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Heating Room Thermostats

What Is the Practical Use of Thermostats?

Thermostats are used to achieve the following goals: to save power and to regulate heat emission of heating devices in accordance to needs and heat losses of a certain room. Thermostats have sensors that allow tracing the least significant changes of temperature in rooms. Detecting even these slight changes, these devices can save up to 20% of the energy that is used to heat a house. If there are thermostats in a heating system, it can work without any interference of people.

Where They Can Be Installed

Automatic thermostats can be mounted in a heating system of any type. However, in systems with a natural circulation of heat carriers such regulation is a little more complicated: heating devices have practically no reaction to the intensity of fuel combustion. So, it makes more sense to use heating room thermostats in systems with double pipelines. Thermostats are the most effective in case a water-heating boiler uses liquid fuel. They can save a lot of money in such a situation.

How to Choose a Proper Location

In cottages thermostats should first of all be installed on upper floors. In winter warm air goes up and collects on upper floors, heating them better than lower ones (with their own heating). If you are sure that you will spend most of your time on those upper floors, you can leave everything as it happens. Still, if you are going to spend enough time everywhere, you can tune your thermostats in such a way that all floors and rooms are heated equally.

Thermostats are also good for rooms where there are additional sources of heat. For example, it is a good idea to install it in a kitchen where a stove and oven are turned on regularly, where warmth is emitted by teapots, pans and even a fridge. Rooms that overlook south also need thermostats: even in winter sunrays can warm southern rooms enough for comfortable living.

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