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1000mm wide Electric Towel Rails

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The Output of Towel Rails and Their Size

If you are choosing effective bathroom heating devices, the main thing you need to consider is their output and their ability to cope with your expectations. That is, the output of such devices is different, and it depends mostly on the way they are powered, their material and size. It is thought that water radiators (the ones that are connected to central heating or hot water pipes) are the least powerful ones. They are used mostly to dry towels in case there is proper ventilation and more powerful heating in a bathroom already. Electrical devices are thought to be much more effective when it is necessary to heat the room and dry towels at the same time. Their output varies in accordance to their size. Some specialists also claim that their finishing determines a lot, too: colored and matt coating is less effective than polished one. However, the difference is slight, and the choice of finishing is mostly determined by a certain design of the bathroom.

Big Devices for Big Needs

The goods we offer you are 1000mm wide electric towel rails.These are perfect devices for large bathrooms that need powerful heating and drying. Their features stay in a close connection: it is impossible to dry a large room with a small device, and only a large room will have space for a big radiator. The size does not mean that the appliance is very massive: due to their design, these rails look stylish and do not need much space. Their chromed finishing is a perfect match to polished taps and other bathrooms fittings. With their powerful output, these devices do not consume too much electricity: a usual device of this kind needs not much more than a regular lighting bulb. At the same time, the effect they can provide is enough to support a healthy microclimate in your bathroom.