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1100mm Wide Electric Towel Rails

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How to Choose and Install Towel Rails of a Suitable Size

Bathroom towels are often used, so they are practically always wet. Many people have several towels for each family member, in order to use one of them while others are getting dry. Still, it is possible to have a special device that will allow to use only one towel for each family member and keep your bathroom always dry and warm. This device is a so-called towel radiator. Radiators of this kind often come in the form of a “ladder” that consists of many heated rails. Each such rail can host a wet towel. The entire device can also be used as a drier for dressing gowns. These devices are usually installed by professionals, and these professionals are mostly able to recommend the most suitable size and output for a separately taken bathroom. However, you can act on your own and choose the device you like from the ones we can offer.

How to Find the best Place for Towel Rails

For example, our 1100mm wide electric towel rails are a perfect choice for those people who need powerful heating for their bathroom. Of course, the size suggests the idea that the bathroom should be pretty large in order to give enough room for this device. They can be of a different height and width, so if you are not sure about the best option, you can take some measurements of your bathroom and its main elements. In order to place towel rails effectively, you need to make sure that the space that separates a shower cabin, bathtub, water taps and towel radiator should not be smaller than two feet. This space is enough for safety and the best performance of all these functional details.

Our devices are made out of steel and come with a chrome coating. It makes them practically eternal in exploitation: with proper installation, there will be no corrosion, leaks and other unpleasant moments.