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1200mm Wide Electric Towel Rails

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What Towel Rails Used to Be and What They Are Now

We are surrounded by things that seem to have always been beside us. Computers, machines, domestic appliances, comfortable homes. However, we often lack a small detail without even knowing what it can be. For example, such a simple thing as towel rails can improve the quality of a bathroom by several times.

Ancient Examples

They appeared centuries ago, when rich people made their servants warm up their clothes and bed linen by the time aristocrats took a bath. Of course, there were no electric radiators, so servants used to warm clothes up with the help of wooden shelves, located above a fireplace, a stove or a vessel with hot water. It was an important procedure: a contrast of temperatures between a hot bath and cold air in a stone castle could be very dangerous for health. Now we are not exposed to such dangers, but it is still extremely pleasant to feel a warm soft towel after a bath or a shower or wrap the body with a thick soft dressing gown.

Towel Rails in Your Bathroom

That is why we use modern towel radiators that are made of steel, covered with a reliable finishing coating and able to warm up our towels with the help of water that circulates in their pipes or electricity. Wide and tall 1200mm wide electric towel rails we can offer you are a great choice: they can host several large towels, a couple of small ones, a dressing gown and a bathroom mat. They are powerful enough to make these items warm and dry by the time you use them again. What’s more, they can provide you with some additional heating. Accompanied by proper ventilation, this feature can help you to keep your bathroom always dry and comfortable, without any unpleasant smells or mold. Additional heating is especially good for very spacious bathrooms that cannot be warmed with central heating alone.