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1300mm Wide Electric Towel Rails

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Why Are Prices for Towel Rails So Different?

Why do radiators for towels have such different prices? Aren’t they all the same or nearly the same, with all their features? In fact, there are numerous differences that determine prices for these devices. The very first factor that defines the price is the material, used in a certain item. There are devices that are designed through and through; of course, they can cost a pretty penny. Devices that are made of brass are also thought to be an expensive option, though their technical characteristics are not very different from the ones that have more democratic prices, being made of steel. Steel items are said to be the most reliable and quite affordable they are available in galore in offline and online store.

The Size and Finishing

Of course, the size matters a lot even in steel devices. For example, 1300mm wide electric towel rails are more expensive than smaller items, simply because they contain more material and hand made. The finishing can influence the price. Regular shiny polished items are more preferable, because the coating is not afraid of moisture, corrosion, aggressive substances. Painted items are often cheaper, and not all manufacturers use powder colors that can stay for a long time. So, colors can start to peel off without any visible reasons quite soon. Satin polishing is often chosen by people who already have such taps and other metal fitting in their bathrooms. Yet, this finishing can be difficult in taking care: the polish can retain stains, left by water and fingers. Remember this is the largest Towel rails in the market

Their Principle of Performance

Finally, devices that are connected to water supply are usually cheaper than the ones that are fed by the mains. Though, they are somewhat more complicated in installation than electric devices, because they need connection to pipes with hot water. Electric devices can be mounted even in completely finished bathrooms, because the only thing they need is electricity.