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250mm Wide Electric Towel Rails

Why Finishing of Towel Radiators Can Matter a Lot

Heating devices people install in their bathrooms and kitchens are used mostly to dry wet towels, provide extra warmth and create a comfortable atmosphere in the room. They can come in different forms and shapes, especially designer items. With the wide range of options, everyone will find an item that matches their bathroom finishing, tastes and demands.

250mm wide electric towel rails we offer you are, probably, the best choice for small bathrooms with not much space on walls. Their main advantage is in their electrical powering. Due to the thermostat, you can regulate the output in accordance to your needs and have exactly as much warmth as required, without spending extra power.

The Finishing and Its Influence

Our items come in a sparkling chrome finish that is perfect for any bathroom. You do not need to rack your brain thinking which one to choose. Though many people do not give much attention to the finish of their bathroom radiators, hoping to repaint it soon, it is better not to do anything of this kind to a heating device. Practically all manufacturers of these appliances claim that a single coat of a paint or varnish people apply onto the original surface reduces the amount of heat the device can produce by nearly 30%. If you do not want to reduce the output in this way, you should not apply any coating onto a working surface. If you have already done this with your old heating device, it is better not to apply new coats of other substances on top of the existing one, because in the end you will receive an utterly insufficient output. Besides that, a device, finished with a neutral color or in a natural metal look, will suit your bathroom even in case you decide to renovate its design.

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