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300mm Wide Electric Towel Radiators

How to Plan Effective Heating of Your Bathroom

Bathrooms need heating just like all other residential rooms. The fact that it is always exposed to the effect of moisture makes it even more vulnerable to mold and unpleasant smells. The excessive humidity makes tiles go off the walls, and fungi start to propagate under them, poisoning the air. However, this problem can be avoided with the help of bathroom heating and a proper ventilation.

Construction and Abilities of Bathroom Heating Devices

Heating devices that are used in bathrooms have several functions: they make the air warm and dry and also host wet towels and dressing gowns. They come in such shapes that are the most comfortable for hanging wet towels, but designer items can become a true decoration of your bathroom. You only need to choose a proper device that fits in your bathroom and matches its general style. 300mm wide electric towel radiators we can offer you are perfect for average bathrooms: they do not need much space, but are able to perform all their initial functions.

Combination of Capacities

The way bathroom towel rails are constructed make them produce 75% of heat due to convection and 25% due to radiation. This principle is the best choice for a bathroom that need warm and dry air in all its corners. Many people equip their bathrooms with so-called systems of warm floors. No doubt, bathroom is one of those rooms where floor should feel pleasant for bare feet. Yet, wet towels cannot be dried on the floor, they have to be hanged somewhere. The warm floor system, combined with an electrical heating device are a perfect combination. Of course, both heating systems have to be equipped with thermostats, in order to regulate the amount of heat they produce and energy they consume. This is the situation when you can kill two birds with the same stone: have warm feet and dry towels.

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