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400mm Wide Electric Towel Radiators

Ways to Use Electric Towel Radiators in Your Home

A bathroom is a place where we meet a new day. It is so pleasant to meet it in a warm comfortable place, among fresh warm towels, and put on a warm dressing gown after a morning shower. Yet, neither towels nor a dressing gown can warm themselves on their own. They need to spend some time on a heating device that will give them their pleasing temperature. These devices are a usual thing for bathrooms; they serve two goals: to keep the air dry and prevent propagation of moisture and to help towels stay warm and dry all the time. They can also be a decoration of a bathroom, but it is possible in case they have unusual shapes and finishing.

Where Else You Can Use a Bathroom Radiator

Electrical heating devices of this type are highly functional and comfortable. What they need is a connection to the mains and a thermostat that can turn them on and off and regulate their temperature. Some of them can be mounted onto a wall with a hidden wiring, but others have a regular plug. This option allows them to be mobile and used in any place. For example, if you have such a device in your bathroom, you can have one or a couple of spare 400mm wide electric towel radiators in your hall. It is a very comfortable option: when such a device is not plugged, it can serve as a regular clothes hanger. When it is plugged, it is a great option for quick drying of rain-soaked upper clothes. Again, a thermostat that can regulate its temperature will make the device safe for the most delicate clothes.

Depending on your interior, you can choose the most appropriate style of such a device and the most suitable finishing: we are ready to offer you a wide assortment of options.

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