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450mm Wide Electric Towel Radiators

Three Main Types of Towel Rails and Their Features

Radiators that are installed in bathrooms are different not only due to their colors, shapes and surface structure. They can be heated in three ways: with hot water, with electricity and with both of the mentioned. Radiators that are heated with water are joined to the central heating just like all other stationary items of this type in practically all homes. Some radiators of this type are equipped with thermoregulation, so they can get as warm as you need and stay that warm for all the time.

Advantages of Electricity

Electrical devices like the 450mm wide electric towel radiators we offer can function regardless of hot water, so they can be used all the year round, as long as they are needed. These radiators are filled with a special fluid that cannot get frozen. Inside the radiator, there is a special heating element that should be plugged to the mains. In order to plug such a device in your bathroom, you will need a special waterproof insulated socket.

Electric radiators can be the only source of warmth in your bathroom, but you need to choose its output properly. A small device will be practically useless in a large bathroom, working only as a rail for drying towels. Instead, a large item in a small bathroom will need too much space and create an unbearable heat.

Combined Features

Combined radiators can function with central heating water in winter and be fed by a plug in summer. These devices are comfortable in usage, but it is necessary to be attentive when turning electrical heating on. The supply of water to the radiator should be stopped, because otherwise it will start to circulate, and the device will heat the entire system. At the same time, there should be no gate valve in the place where the water flows out of the radiator.

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