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500mm Wide Electric Towel Radiators

The Most Typical Towel Rails, Their Functions and Materials

Heating system in a bathroom should be active throughout the year, in order to fight dampness and condensation of moisture. At the same time, some elements have a seasonal meaning. For example, a real radiator is a mostly winter device, because heating in summer is totally useless. One of the possible variations of this device are towel rails that have already become a traditional accessory of a bathroom. These devices can be of several types. Some of them work due to hot water that fills them from the system of the central heating. Some of these devices allow choosing the needed temperature of water, because it is not always possible to find out what flows in our pipes. Electrical devices stay in no connection to either central heating or other utilities of a separate home. They are powered by electricity and were modelled especially to be able to function in wet places. The principle of their performance is the same with usual reflectors that are heated with the help of oil, circulating inside their pipes. The only thing that should be considered thoroughly is the size of such a device. 500mm wide electric towel radiators we offer are perfectly able to perform in large bathrooms, where they do not occupy much space.

The Most Durable Materials

Water radiators are made mostly of aluminum, steel or bimetal alloys. Aluminum radiators are flexible, so they can come in the most incredible forms. They are light and look elegant, but the only feature of theirs that fails is their durability. Steel or bimetal devices are more effective. Steel is not affected by aggressive substances and is extremely durable, while aluminum in bimetal devices can allow diversity of shapes. Many devices of this kind come in two types of finishing: polished chrome and satin, so it is easy to choose the item that matches the interior.

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