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600mm Wide Electric Towel Radiators

Usage of Towel Rails in Bathrooms and Outside Them

Radiators that are installed in bathrooms are a separate category in catalogues of manufacturers of interior items, meant for making the atmosphere warmer. They are also called towel rails, mostly because they are often used not to heat the air, but to make towels dry faster. In fact, small radiators, mounted onto several walls of the same bathroom can create a pleasant warm atmosphere inside the room and serve as a great helper in fighting mold, bacteria and fungi that propagate in wet towels, giving them a specific odor. Besides that, these radiators can serve as a decoration of a bathroom: they come in many diverse shapes and even colors, so you can choose the item that suits your interior best of all. After all, you are not obliged to use them in a bathroom only: you can also hang one of our 600mm wide electric towel radiators in your hallway, to dry rain soaked clothes.

Functionality and Decorative Features of Different Materials

So, you see, they have numerous functions. In order to perform these functions with the best effectiveness, they need to give off enough warmth, be durable and reliable and look stylish and elegant. To provide the best functionality of such radiators, manufacturers make them out of steel, cast iron, even of artificial stone. All these materials give off a lot of warmth, they are reliable and durable enough to serve for long years.

These materials are also great for representation of interesting designers’ ideas. Flexible and elegant, these materials allow creating any shapes and giving them any finishing. However, the most popular option for bathrooms is polished chrome finishing, because it looks neat and, at the same time, shiny. Its surface gives off as much warmth as possible, retaining its pretty look for a long time without losing its shiny charm.

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