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650 mm Electric Towel Rails

The Most Durable and Functional Towel Rails

If you need to choose a proper towel radiator for your bathroom, you need to remember that there are three main types, available at the market. Some devices are connected to the central heating and supplied with the same hot water. Others are plugged to the mains and give off warmth due to a heating element, hidden inside their construction. The third type combines features of both: these devices are heated both with water and with electricity, as you like. That is, in winter you can use the central heating, but in summer it is possible to plug the device and have all your towels dry in a moment.

The Best Materials

Yet, if you need to choose a really durable item, you have to know that these devices can be made out of several materials. The most popular ones are steel, aluminum, brass. These metals are different due to their ability to let the warmth through and durability. Steel items like our 650mm electric towel railsare thought to be the most durable. Though their weight differs considerably from the weight of aluminum ones, they are less vulnerable to corrosion and extremely durable to oxidation. At the same time, aluminum items come in a wider diversity of shapes and forms that can be achieved due to the flexibility and lightness of the material. If you have to choose one of these options, make sure which function of the rails is primary for you: whether you buy them for decoration or for thorough heating.

The Meaning of Coating

There are devices that come with colored finishing or other decorative coating. It looks very lovely and adds elegance to the interior, but the quality of this coating means a lot. Low-quality coating starts to peel off or, at least, get dim very soon. It spoils the entire look of the device completely.

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