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700mm Wide Electic Towel Rails

How to Make a Bathroom Comfortable with Towel Rails

Each bathroom needs to be pretty and functional at the same time, but comfort, warmth and coziness are not the least qualities of this room. That is why bathrooms are often equipped with special radiators that can both dry the air and the towels.

Their Main Functions

These radiators, which are also called towel rails, look like a curved pipe or a construction of pipes that is connected either to the central heating or to the mains. Apart from their direct functions, these rails can serve as a decoration of a bathroom. If you need such a thing that is not only functional but also adds elegance to the style of your bathroom, you should give attention to our 700mm wide electric towel rails. They are finished as polished chrome, and their sheen can be a great decoration of your bathroom.

How to Choose the Best Output

Due to their moderate output, small rails are not treated as a real heating device. Yet, they can cope with this task perfectly well, if their size matches the size of the bathroom and if they are accompanied with a warm floor system or another radiator of the same type.

It is very important to choose a proper size of such a radiator in advance. The majority of such heating devices have a handle that allows regulating their temperature. Still, even such a handle cannot guarantee that a too small device will provide enough warmth in your bathroom. Besides that, even with their maximal output, most devices of this type do not heat up over 60-70°C. This feature allows the rails to stay safe for their users, because higher temperatures can cause scalds. If you need more heating in your bathroom, you should better think about several radiators, located on different walls. They will provide you with the necessary output and fight dampness.

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