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800mm Wide Electric Towel Radiators

Why We Need Additional Heating in Our Bathrooms

Home renovations are not limited with replacement of wallpaper of flooring. After a refurbishment, your home is supposed to look more tidy and stylish. The entire design is composed out of small details that are both functional and good-looking. It relates not only to residential rooms: bathrooms and kitchens are important places. We just do not notice how much time we spend in each of these places. In fact, their equipment determines out health in many senses.

Too Much Moisture

In order to equip a bathroom properly, we choose the most effective and comfortable sanitary appliances we can afford. However, a bathroom is a very specific place, and the air inside this room is almost always damp. This humidity needs to be removed, because it creates an unhealthy atmosphere. Propagating mold and fungi can spoil not only the new interior, but also people’s health. So, the air needs to be dried effectively, and this task should be entrusted to towel rails. Such a device has several functions. It is used to dry towels and dressing gowns that are hanged onto it immediately and helps to keep the air warm and dry all the time it is turned on.

Available Types of Towel Rails

Here, we need to mention that there are different types of these devices. Some of them stay hot while there is hot water, supplied by the central heating. Electrical steel radiators we offer can be turned on and off as often as you choose. Ifyourbathroomisspaciousenough, our 800mm wide electric towel radiators will be the best choice for you. They are large enough to give off sufficient amounts of warmth to dry both towels and the air in the bathroom. Due to the fact that such radiators are made to give off as much heat as they can produce, their surface is usually polished like a mirror or coated with a special chrome finishing.

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