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850mm wide Electric Towel Rails

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Advantages and Drawbacks of Electric Towel Rails

Bathroom heating devices are usually meant to keep the air and towels always dry and prevent negative impact of moisture on the interior and the whole atmosphere. Of course, there are houses where bathrooms are equipped with the same heating pipes as residential rooms. Still, such bathrooms are less numerous than the ones that need additional heating. What’s more, if you do not have your own boiler, bathroom heating pipes will stay hot only in sold seasons. In summer, the air in your bathroom will be warm and damp, the best thing for mold and fungi. So, you should consider installation of an electric towel rail, a device that will keep your bathroom always comfortable and dry.

The Most Preferable Material

In the majority of cases, electric radiators are made out of steel. There are brass items, but they are much more expensive than steel ones, with the same effect. If you do not need brass as a necessary element of your bathroom interior, you should stop at our steel radiators that will provide you great performance at a lower cost. If you have a spacious bathroom or can free one wall, one of our 850mm wide electric towel rails will be a perfect choice for you. In it, you will receive a heating device and a comfortable rail to hand towels, dressing gowns, etc. You should not worry about the way it matches the interior: if you have polished steel taps and other fitting details, the interior will only look finished and complete. Steel radiators are usually polished well to make them more effective in giving off heat. Our items are finished in chrome look, and you can be sure that the appearance will not change through the entire lifespan of our goods. Their shape is quite minimalistic and functional: horizontal rails allow using them to their best.