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900mm Wide Electric Towel Rails

Functional and Decorative: Towel Rails in Your Bathroom

A bathroom needs two things to support a healthy microclimate: proper ventilation and effective heating. These two things depend on each other greatly: even the most effective heating device can fail to fight mold and fungi that attack damp bathrooms without proper ventilation. If there is no window in a bathroom, you can force outflow of the air from this room with the help of a ventilator. It will allow your bathroom to stay dry and retain a normal temperature throughout the year.

A Combination of Functionality and Design

Bathrooms can be heated with inbuilt devices that are supplied with hot water from central heating pipes. The same water can be used to power additional heating devices like towel rails. The latter ones will never be out of place in a bathroom, because wet towels stay there all the time, regardless of seasons. However, these rails are not only water-supplied. They can be fed by electricity and turned on and off whenever you need. This is what we offer you: 900mm wide electric towel rails are a great choice for a bathroom that needs additional warming and drying. 900 mm is quite a lot, but even if your bathroom is small, you can use it. Bathrooms are not residential rooms, and their walls are rarely decorated with paintings or whimsical clocks. That is why you can feel free to use one of those empty walls to mount such a heating device onto it. Due to the size, it is very effective in drying towels and dressing gowns, and surfaces of rails that are not currently occupied with towels can give off a lot of warmth into the air.

You should not worry that such a device will ruin the interior: it is neutral enough and coated with sparkling chrome finishing that stays bright and shiny for a long time.

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