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Electric Only Towel Rails

Why Electric Towel Rails Are More Effective Than Water Ones

Electric towel radiators can be installed in any bathroom, without any dramatic replanning and rebuilding. The only thing they need is electric supply. Inside their pipes, there is oil or antifreeze, warmed by an inbuilt electric heating element. This device can be used through the year, and if you do not need additional heating in your bathroom, you can just turn it off. Connection to the mains can be usual or hidden, depending on your walls. If you have planned a place for such a device before the finishing was completed, you can connect it in a hidden way. Otherwise, you can just hang the device on the wall and plug it as all other electric appliances you have. Electric only towel rails do not depend on the temperature of water that circulates in their pipes. Quite often, these devices are equipped with a timer and sometimes even microprocessors that allow you regulating the temperature as you wish.

Powerfulness of Devices

If you give enough attention to the output of electric devices we offer, you will see that your bathroom is comfortably warm, your towels are dry and there are no huge energy losses. For example, if you plan to use the device only to dry towels and warm up your dressing gowns, it will be enough to have 20W to 100W. This is how much a usual electric bulb needs. In case you want your device to provide additional heating of your bathroom, you should give preference to output that is equal to 450W and more, depending on the size of your bathroom.

The more spacious the room is, the more powerful the device should be. You need to give attention to windows in your bathroom, if you have any. They should better be airtight, to keep warmth inside and prevent excessive energy wastage.

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