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Radiator Valves

Which Radiator Valves to Use – Manual or Thermostatic

As you already know there are two main kinds of valves available out there, it is only up to you which one of them to choose. TRV thermostatic valve offered by our company actually comes with an in-built temperature sensor. This kind of valve can maintain your room at that temperature which you’ve selected by automatically adjusting radiator’s heat output. And this means that you are able to make the most out of any other heat that your room receives, for instance like heat from some electrical appliances or from the sun. As these valves are controlled automatically, they turn themselves up and down, guaranteeing that radiators perform as effectively as possible. Well, they are environmentally friendly, because they commonly prevent energy waste.

Manual radiator valves act like taps, because they control the flow of water into the warmer and also how hot it gets. That’s why the amount of heat given out will always be constant, no matter what the room temperature is. They let you turn the heat up and down, but you will need to go to your radiator to make adjustments each time. Such valves have no labelled settings, but they are the smallest and most discreet ones available out there.

It is advised to utilize our thermostatic valves in those rooms which have a quite high usage, for example such as bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens. However, manual valves cannot provide you with such a luxury, so your choice will be to fully turn off your radiator or to fully turn it on. Finally, hallways and bathrooms are more suited for these valves, because they tend to have a less living usage, that’s why heat regulation from your warmers is not so important.

Thus it is only up to you whether you choose manual or thermostatic valves, apart from such cases where building regulations apply. Basically, thermostatic valves tend to be larger compared to manual ones, as they have to accommodate the thermostatic mechanism, but they can be more energy efficient. On the other hand, manual valves tend to be more discreet and smaller, that’s why they are often chosen by our clients for their minimal and neat look.

In our modern times there is an exciting and extensive choice of valves on the internet, but it is always better to be advised before buying something. Our company offers you a wide variety of radiator valves, both manual and thermostatic ones. We can say that we sell only the most durable and reliable valves available on the modern market and all of these items go through a quite strict quality control, so that you can utilize them for a long time.


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