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We do our best to bring you the best designer Towel Rails Radiator, Towel Radiators, central heating radiators, Vertical Radiators and Heated Towel Radiators. Towel-radiator.com is constantly adding great new and original radiator designs to its towel radiator range, to ensure you can keep your bathroom looking great our towel radiators.

What is Towel Radiators:

Stylish Towel Racks for your home


One of the devices that can add glamour and functionality to your bathroom is Towel Racks. Are you in the habit of leaving your wet towels hanging on the door knob or on the counter? Towel Racks can offer you great style and space to hold your towels. Large and spacious racks allow the air to pass through your damp towels and helps keep them dry and fresh. Some Towel Racks on the other hand are designed to simply hold up a stack of folded fresh towels.


One of the most common type of Towel Racks is the bar type which is nothing but a rod attached to wall and which can hold both bath and hand towels easily. You can in fact use them even in the kitchen near the sink where a towel would be handy. In fact your kitchen could also use countertop Towel Racks which are small in size and are specially designed to hold hand towels. The large racks are more useful for stacking towels and can be more functional near a pool or in a guest bathroom. You can also find standing racks that are for holding large towels in places like a swimming pool. These can be with bars or hooks and can also have cabinets for more storage. If you wish to hold multiple towels such as in a large family bathroom, you could use a towel ladder. As its name suggests it looks like a ladder railing and can hold a towel on each rung. These can be free standing or if you wish, you can nail it to your wall.


If there is a lack of space in your bathroom then you could use a towel hook on to which a towel can simply be hung on. While it does not allow much air to circulate through the wet towel, it can easily withstand the weight of a large wet towel easily. For a bathroom with a paucity of space, you could likewise wish to go for smaller Towel Racks or ones that can be fixed on to the door. When you buy a rack ensure that you go for a quality rack that will be able to withstand the weight of multiple towels or wet ones. There is such a great variety and choice available today when it comes to Towel Racks that one does not know what to choose. It actually all depends on your needs and the decor of your bathroom.


We offer Towel Racks that will lend grace to your bathroom such that you will surely be eager to show off your bath decor to your guests. If you are planning to buy a Towel Rack or replace your existing one then you must go through our exhaustive line.


You will surely find the highest quality racks and other hardware to suit your bath interiors. Keeping with the lines of your bath room, add class and fashion to your interior designing without burning a hole in your pocket.

A Towel Warmer to enhance the beauty of your bathroom


Who does not want to wake up to the luxury of a warm and dry towel in their bathroom every morning? In fact the feeling of using a warm and soft towel is great and makes you look forward to your bath every day. If your bath is made of stone or tile then there is every possibility that it becomes really cold on a winter morning. This is where a Towel Warmer can be useful for you. In fact even for a bathroom that might not be adequately ventilated, it is a boon. You guests will be sure to comment on how warm and inviting your bathroom is.


These days, a Towel Warmer to keep your towels dry and warm is an added luxury for every household. Besides adding that special flair to your bathrooms, it is also extremely useful and highly functional. It helps in keeping your bath and hand towels free from moisture and odor, keeping them fresh and clean even after multiple usages. Even in the summer months when the humidity makes towels damp, the warmer will ensure that they remain dry. So while you enjoy using your warm towel after a bath you will also be refreshed in the knowledge that it is clean and hygienic. Did you know you can also use your warmer for drying other delicate clothing such as bathing suits, lingerie, gloves and mittens? Although it is not exactly the purpose of a Towel Warmer to heat up a room, but it can definitely keep a cold bathroom warm and snug. You will be glad that you have a Towel Warmer on the days when it is freezing outside but your bathroom is all warm and cozy.


You can get any towel warmers of your choice in many styles and designs. There is the electric model, which can simply be plugged on or the other method is to wire the Towel Warmer to your home's heating system. That should be easy to install by any trained electrician. It does not consume much electricity and should save your power consumption. There is also the hydronic model which can use the hot water from your water heater to operate. Available in a range of stunning and breathtaking designs that are sure to charm the interiors of any bathroom, whether modern of traditional, a Towel Warmer will add that special feel to your bathroom.


Although a Towel Warmer is not a necessity for every home, it’s just that extra indulgence you can allow yourself to make your mornings more cheerful. So if you want to start your day on a warm and cheery note, gift yourself a warmer. Our products have been the choice of numerous home owners, reputed construction houses and architects. Meet us today to choose from our vast collection of towel warmers and you are sure to walk away with a choice that is perfect for your home.


Elegant and Tailor made Towel Radiator for your home


A Towel Radiator is basically designed to dry towels in the bathroom as well as in the kitchen. Their increasing popularity has made them a permanent necessity for all bathrooms these days. Nowadays with the production of large sized towel radiator, their use has been extended to the living room and bedroom also. They are usually built from steel tubes and are then chrome or white painted according to the need or choice.


We are one of the leading companies dealing in Towel Radiator and towel rails. Our entire stock of high quality products from leading manufacturers is available for residential use, use by designers and architects and by construction companies. Besides having a great range of designs and patterns such as the standard and curve shaped, we also deal in the sale of the flat chrome and white flat towel radiator.  Our products are not only approved safe by leading accredited agencies, they are high in quality and are tested for durability by various national standards.


If you are looking for a Towel Radiator for your home, then purchasing from us will be really beneficial for you, as you can receive a great product straight from the manufacturer and can cut out any transit costs. On the other hand, if you are looking for bulk orders of Towel Radiator for construction or renovation purposes, then you will be able to ensure a custom designed product with a consistent design and quality reflected throughout the product line hence pushing the value of your business. Besides warming up thousands of homes all over the country, we have built up an enviable clientele consisting of private home owners and reputed construction companies. Their feedback has been a source of great inspiration for us and made us double our efforts to keep maintaining our quality and pricing.


We have many years of experience in providing the standard ladder designed Towel RadiatorTowel Radiator, then our catalog has an extensive range of designs and patterns that will be sure to enhance the decor of your project. Our long and extensive list of clients is proof of the commitment and quality that we have guaranteed in our products over the years. All our products can be easily viewed over the Internet and placing an order is also really easy. We make sure that our products are shipped at the earliest so that your project is not kept waiting. to our customers. In case you are a wholesaler or a construction manager looking for a custom designed


So if you are a retailer, an architect or a home owner, do try out our range of towel radiators, we can provide you with a tailor made high - quality design. In case you wish to speak to us for custom fitting our products, our experienced team would be delighted to assist and help you out with any technical queries that you may have for your current or future projects.

A great and stylish Heated Towel Rail for your room



There is nothing more pleasurable than taking a warm bath on a cold and chilly day and that pleasure is greatly enhanced by having your bathroom and towel heated by your Heated Towel Rail. Having to towel off with a cold towel from a stone cold rail is sure to dampen even the sunniest of tempers. Having a Heated Towel Rail ensures that every time you go to the washroom, your towel is warm and dry, making your morning bath a luxurious affair even in the cold winter mornings. Besides giving you the warmth and luxury of a warm towel every time, it will ensure that your towel stays dry after each use and hence keeps away the risk of mould and offensive odour. Your bathroom will be fresh and your towels will feel like new.


The popularity of the Heated Towel Rail has increased ten folds over the years such that now they are a necessary feature in most homes and can easily be built into the plumbing and heating system. So besides having the great luxury of a warm and heated bathroom the whole time, you don't have to worry about wet towels as the drying process will be speeded up. If you do not want the heating to be on the entire time, some of the products have the option of setting up a timer. The heating then turns on a just few minutes before it is needed. You can even set the exact temperature at which you want it to be set up.


We offer an extensive choice when it comes to Heated Towel Rail and have a range of styles that can add panache to your bathroom. We offer designs in traditional wall mounted Heated Towel Rail, the floor mounted Heated Towel Rail and can also add supplementary elements to your towel rail as per your needs and requirements. Since it comes in various shapes, sizes and color, you could contact us for a review of your needs and we could offer you the best suggestions that would meet your requirements. It is easy to find one to suit the design and decor of your home and bathroom without having to change anything. Our customers have time and again expressed their satisfaction with our services and this is a cause of immense pride for us.


So if have one of those bathrooms that seem to be chilly no matter what the time or season, try out our Heated Towel Rail. It is sure to provide you unmatched service for years. So before you rush off to the nearest store to purchase your Heated Towel Rail, go through our vast range of designs, you are sure to find one that meets your requirements in terms of style and price. We would be happy to help you with any queries that might have, so do drop by and have a look at our inimitable collection.

Choose a Designer Towel Radiator that complements your home and decor


Is your existing radiator completely out of tune with your interior styles? Are you looking for a Designer Towel Radiator that will complement and enhance the décor and contours of your home?  If the individuality of your home and bathroom is being compromised by the looks of your radiators then it is time that you moved on to a designer one.  The great curves and angles of our Designer Towel Radiator are sure to catch your eye and give you the style and looks that you were always looking for. And the best part is that our innovative designed radiators don't cost the earth and are available in affordable prices to suit your budget.


Even if you have an existing heating system, it is not difficult to add or replace it with a better looking Designer Towel Radiator. Just call us and we can suggest ways and means to harmoniously blend your Designer Towel Radiator to suit your décor. You could be a home owner or in the trade of selling towel radiators, our styles are sure to delight you and your customers. Besides having their individualistic style our products are high on the durability and safety factor. So whether you are looking for contemporary designs or traditional ones, our products are sure to surprise you with their striking shapes and high performance. The range of colors that you can choose from is so extensive that you won’t easily be able to make a selection. If you desire a Designer Towel Radiator of a different color or size, then we would be happy to custom make it for you to suit your needs. Just let us know your requirements and leave it to us to ensure a bespoke product that will gratify the looks of your bathroom.


Many of our Designer Towel Radiators now come with a thermostatic option, letting you choose the temperature setting. You can fit a heating element that can be turned on electrically by a switch. Working closely with the manufacturers has ensured that we have gained a reputation of high quality service and craftsmanship. In fact some of our designs are so unique and elegant that you are not likely to find a matching one in any other store or site.


If you are looking for a Designer Towel Radiator, a visit to our store should be on your “must do” list. Our excellent customer service will ensure that we guide and assist you in the entire process from choosing a product custom designed for you, to fitting and installing it and lastly our reputed after sales service which will keep coming back to us for more. So look no further, all your desires of getting that eye catching design in Designer Towel Radiator will be fulfilled once you get to see our designs. Call us today and we will get back to you at the earliest with an affordable and cost effective quote to suit you.