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How to Convert towel rails to Dual Fuel

How to Convert Towel Rails to Dual Fuel 

Conversion of a towel radiator in to dual fuel towel rail is very beneficial. It provides you the opportunity to run your radiator on dual fuels-- namely electrical energy and the central heating system. By following this process, one can save money and get his kitchen and bathroom warmed up both in summers and winters. 

With it converted on dual fuel, the towel radiator could run on electrical power in the summers and on the central heating system in the winters. Due to its non-dependence on the central heating system in the summers, a dual fuel towel radiator can prove to be incredibly economical.    

Steps for Converting Towel Rail to Dual Fuel

The following are some of the basic steps that need to be followed in a strict order while you’re at the job

1) First, you would need to screw in the T-pipe and an electrical device in to the towel radiator in an upside down position. 

2) Use the PTFE tape to secure all the joints. 

3) Put in an air vent also known as a bleed valve in the 3rd inlet point of the towel radiator. 

4) Set the towel radiator wherever you want on the wall. 

5) Insert the pipes for flow and return on the sides of the towel radiator using a radiator valve. 

6) Now flush the system thoroughly. 

7) Set up the electrical device hooking it up with the main power supply. 

All of these steps from the connection of the T-pipe and the electrical device in to the towel radiator to the setting up of connections of the electrical device should be carried out in the exact same pattern.

Make sure that when screwing the T-pipe and the electrical device wound the PTFE tape in clock-wise direction. 


Please see the bellow diagram 



The following is a list of precautions that you need to be aware of 

You should have some knowledge of plumbing and electrician work to make the connections properly.

The towel radiator should be mounted at its appropriate location in the bathroom or kitchen. 

The electrical device should only be turned on when the electrical device is under water and the towel radiator is filled to the brim. 

Always mount the towel radiator in the upside down position only.

Following the above-mentioned precautions can help in avoiding any fire hazard or loss of home insurance. If you are unable to keep in line with these precautions, it is best to hire a certified plumber and electrician to do this stuff for you.  

Converting the towel rail into a dual fuel towel radiator is a cost-effective procedure. The steps that are involved in conversion are not very complex and can be dealt with easily. However, being a very sensitive and risky procedure, it must not be attempted if you are novice and have no prior knowledge of plumbing or dealing with electrical stuff. 

! Installing both Electric only and Dual Fuel radiators is more than a quick DIY job and must be carried out in accordance with national building regulations. If in doubt, please consult a competent electrician!