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How to Convert towel rails to Electric

                        How to Convert Towel Rails to Electric

Converting a towel rail in to an electric towel radiator is ideal for you if you do not have a central heating system installed in your home. It saves energy and is a lot more efficient than its heating equivalent!

 An electric towel radiator is among the best means of keeping a bathroom heated, in the absence of a central heating system. It provides you the chance to have your towel dried, without having to spend excess energy-- and is more durable and functionally capable than central heating systems. 
Steps to Converting Towel Rail to Electric

The following are some of the important steps that need to be followed when attempting to convert a towel rail in to an electric towel radiator.

1) Place the towel radiator in an upside down position.

2) Screw in the electrical device in to the towel radiator using PTFE tape to secure the joints and ensure waterproofing.

3) Fit in a screw blanking plug in to the in to the towel radiator again using PTFE tape to secure the joints and ensure waterproofing.

4) Now bring the towel radiator to its usual position and fill it with water leaving a little air space for the water to expand.

5) Place in a screw bleed valve on the head of the towel radiator at the 3rd inlet point.

6) Set the radiator in its place anywhere on the wall.

7) Plug in the wires of the electrical device with the main power supply of the house.

8) Loosen the bleed valve a tiny bit after placing a towel underneath the radiator to absorb any water that spills out.

9) Now switch on the electrical device and test the radiator by leaving a couple of towels on it to dry.

10) As the radiator reaches its peak temperature, again tighten the bleed valve but not make it extra tight.

Following all of the steps mentioned above in the ordered sequence is going to ensure that you convert the towel rail into an electrical towel radiator all by yourself. However, remember to wrap the PTFE tape in clockwise direction and use pure water or a liquid containing 75% water to fill up the towel radiator.  


The following are some of the aspects that should be taken care of when you’re at the job 

Let a qualified plumber and electrician do the work if you have no knowledge about plumbing or making electrical connections.

Make all the connections and do each fitting using PTFE tape only.

Never attempt to attach the electrical device while keeping the towel radiator in an upright position.

Remember to earth the heater part of the towel rail.

Keeping these precautions in mind is going to help you in avoiding any mishap while you convert a towel rail in to an electrical towel radiator.

Thus, it is an easy enough job if you know which steps should be followed and in which order. In addition to this, if you manage to convert the towel rail properly then you can expect a major cutback on your energy bills. 

! Installing both Electric only and Dual Fuel radiators is more than a quick DIY job and must be carried out in accordance with national building regulations. If in doubt, please consult a competent electrician!