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Toilet lid Sink - Sinkpositive

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Product Description

Sinkpositive Toilet lid Sink save Money and help envirement


The benefits of a toilet lid sink

A toilet lid sink may look different than your average every day toilet—but the benefits of a toilet lid sink are hard to ignore. When people first hear about a toilet lid sink, they often recoil at the thought of washing their hands with toilet water. But that’s not it at all—SinkPositive’s toilet lid sink is a cold water sink mounted on top of the toilet tank. The used sink water filters into the toilet bowl, so your toilet lid tank is never filled with sudsy water.

Some of the benefits of SinkPositive’s revolutionary toilet lid sink include:

1). It’s eco-friendly: The simple device gives the user access to clean water which is normally used to refill the toilet bowl. After the sink is used to wash a user’s hands, the water drains into the bowl to use again. It helps conserve water, it helps the user easily identify a leak (5% of our nation’s water supply is lose to toilet leaks), and it looks cool. Helping the environment isn’t just something people should want to do, it’s something they should do. SinkPositive’s toilet lid sink helps the everyday average person do that.

2). It’s easy to install: SinkPositive boasts that the sink takes less than 10 minutes to install—you can’t beat that.

3). It will reduce your utility bills: You will save hundreds of Pounds by reducing the amount of water you use. You’re essentially re-using soapy water, or “gray water.”

4). It features an automated wash: By rerouting clean water from the supply line, the water runs through the faucet for a touch-free hand wash. It then drains directly into the bowl. This is great if you have kids—the toilet lid sink encourages proper hygiene. The visual cue of the water filling up in the sink is a great way to remind you to sanitize your hands.

5). It’s a space saver: Without the need for a large sink and cabinet, you can have more room for other things in your bathroom—like a shower or a bathtub.

Toilet lid sinks have been popular in Japan for many years—the benefits of a toilet that saves you money and saves the planet are hard to ignore. SinkPositive’s toilet lid sinks are cheap, easy-to-install, and cost-effective.

Catherine Groves, a mother of four and an enthusiastic user and fan of SinkPositive’s toilet lid sink, saved over £100s a year by installing SinkPositive into her home. “I have kids,” Groves said. “Kids waste water. Before SinkPositive, I’d walk down the hallway and hear water running in the sink in the kid’s bathroom. Kids, and especially mine, are very forgetful. I don’t know how many times I used to remind them to turn off the water after they were done washing their hands—they never could remember. Now that we have SinkPositive, I don’t have to remind them. Not only do they wash their hands after they use the bathroom, but we save on water. We can’t believe how much money we’ve saved. And the kids love to use it.”

Groves isn’t alone. Water conservation is a big issue—during drought the cost of water skyrockets. If you don’t adjust your usage, you’ll end up paying for it in the long run. Toilet lid sinks are a relatively new phenomenon in the US and UK, but the popularity is growing among the environment conscious. The rest of the World should get on board too. With the economy the way it is, a toilet lid sink is the way to save money the easy way.






Product Videos

SinkPositive, Clean water for hands, gray water for the bowl (01:42)
SinkPositive is the original patented retrofit application here in the US. HGTV featured it last year. Japan has used it for decades.
  • SinkPositive, ...
    SinkPositive is the original patented retrofit application her...

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